Mayura Souda (宗田 真響, Sōda Mayura) is Izumiko's roommate. She is a triplet.


Mayura has brown hair that goes up to her neck. She has two separate bangs on each side. She also wears a ribbon on the side. She has brown eyes and is mostly seen wearing her uniform.


Mayura Concept
Mayura's anime concept.


Mayura is gentle and charismatic. The history club is actually her fan club staff, SMF (Soda Mayura Fanclub). She most of the time is kind, but she can also be determined, as when she wanted to recruit Izumiko because the skills to see the spiritual agents and gods wanted to test the real strength of Miyuki. By Mayura often has fights with his brother, Manatsu.


Izumiko SuzuharaEdit

Izumiko is Mayura's roommate. They have a good relationship and she finds Izumiko cute. They are in the the Student Executive Office together with Manatsu and Miyuki. Mayura wants to have Izumiko on her side because she is able to see spiritual agents. 

Manatsu SodaEdit

Manatsu is Mayura's brother, and they are triplets. To Mayura, Manatsu is the most important person and the same goes for Manatsu. That is the condition they need in order to summon their brother, Masumi. 

Masumi SodaEdit

Masumi is Mayura's sibling who passed away due to a heart problem when Mayura and Manatsu were younger. Now, Masumi is summoned by Manatsu and Mayura, but he is not visible to normal people. He has strong spiritual powers and he is able to impersonate and replace Manatsu and Mayura. He loves both Manatsu and Mayura and always helps them when they are in danger.


Mayura is the daughter of a Ninja family in Togakushi Nagano(戸隠 長野). She has second place in terms of grades, and she is an elite at Houjo gakuen. 

Mayura and her brother Manatsu has the ability to call out their brother Masumi who passed away when they were young. Masumi has high spiritual powers, and he is the sediments of Kuzuryuu Ookami (九頭竜大神), a sacred God at Togakushi. 

Masumi is able to impersonate and replace both Mayura and Manatsu. 



  • She likes to tease Izumiko about her relationship with Miyuki
  • She seems to be the more mature of her siblings.